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[Contrib]: Beitrags- und Beteiligungsaufrufe  » nicht erledigt Call: Glottotheory
▶ international journal of theoretical linguistics

30.07.2013, 00:10:58
Beitrag #1
99_information Call: Glottotheory
Liebe Linguisten,

hier ein Call der Glottotheory - siehe unten.
Bei Fragen, bitte Mail an T. Roelcke (siehe ganz unten) oder einfach PN an mich. :-)

Viele Grüße,

Dear colleagues,

in 2008 “Glottotheory” was founded as an international journal of theoretical linguistics, published by the University of Saints Cyril and Metodius in Trnava (Slovakia). Since then “Glottotheory” comes to be an important forum for papers concerning theoretical and methodical problems just as empirical characterisation of language and text in qualitative and quantitative form. This considerable success is the reason for publishing it by the Akademie Verlag (de Gruyter) in Berlin from now on (Vol. 4.1, 2013). It is edited by Emilia Nemcová (Trnava), Emmerich Kelih (Wien), Reinhard Köhler (Trier), and Thorsten Roelcke (Freiburg) in cooperation with an international editorial board. The foci of “Glottotheory” are still (cf. Vol. 1.1, 2008):

• observations and descriptions of all aspects of language and text phenomena including the areas of psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, dialectology, pragmatics, etc. on all levels of linguistic analysis,
• applications of methods, models or findings from quantitative linguistics concerning problems of natural language processing, language teaching, documentation and information retrieval,
• methodological problems of linguistic measurement, model construction, sampling and test theory,
• epistemological issues such as explanation of language and text phenomena, contributions to theory construction, systems theory, philosophy of science.

In advancement of this established and successful concept “Glottotheory” considers itself as platform for a dialogue between quantitative and qualitative linguistics: Qualitative ideas may inspire quantitative research, and quantitative methods may substantiate qualitative investigations. So we hope that our journal will give numerous and valuable stimuli for both quantitative and qualitative linguistic research.
Usually “Glottotheory” will appear twice a year. The domains are articles, reports, book reviews and surveys written in English or in German. The contributions will be reviewed by at least two members of the editorial board in written form. – So if you are interested in a publication in “Glottotheory” please don’t hesitate to contact us at the following address:

EB: Gabriel Altmann, Sergey Andreev, Sheila Embleton, Stefan Th. Gries, Peter Grzybek, Elisabeth Leiss, Haitao Liu, Ján Mačutek, Vladimír Patráš, Haruko Sanada, Andrew Wilson

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11.07.2014, 11:40:56
Beitrag #2
RE: Call: Glottotheory
Wir wünschen uns mehr Paper zur quantitativen Linguistik, bzw. zum Dialog zwischen quantitativer und qualitativer Linguistik.

=> Na, wer schickt mir sein Paper? Tippt

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15.11.2014, 12:10:30
Beitrag #3
RE: Call: Glottotheory
Glottotheory 5.2 ist jetzt online:

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